Special Education Reflective Paper

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This reflective paper will examine the meaning of special education classes, the IDEA act in addition to how it affects and benefits the students, along with the meaning of inclusion coupled with its effects on teachers. Correspondingly, this reflective paper will also include personal opinions on the aforementioned topics along with personal experiences. Overall, this reflective paper will examine how each of these topics fit in and support each other for the betterment of the special education programs and their effects on students.
Generally speaking, special education is a form of learning that is provided to any student with exceptional needs. Correspondingly, special education programs are dedicated to any child having a classified disability
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Additionally, inclusion secures opportunities for students with disabilities to learn in the same classrooms, in addition to having the opportunity to engage in both extracurricular coupled with other school supported activities alongside their fellow classmates even if they are not disabled without major judgement or feeling different. Correspondingly, there are two overall methods of inclusion in a school setting which are the push in method and the full inclusion method, respectively. According to the article, Inclusion (n.d.), the push in method requires for the special education teacher to only be supplemental to the student in the classroom in addition to providing the general education teacher with information to help with the “differential of instruction.” The article also discusses the full inclusion method, in which allows for a special education teacher to work alongside the general education teacher in order to deliver some of the same strategies and assist the special education student if …show more content…
In high school, I was a part of my county’s 4H association for 10 consecutive years, moreover, provided that the association was sponsored by my school district, inclusion was a matter of involvement. Correspondingly, many of the students from my high school also participated in my county’s junior livestock show including a handful of special education students whom were down syndrome or had a low level of autism. Through funding from special education programs, all students were able to receive monies to purchase two small animals of their choice varying from hogs, lambs, chickens, goats and rabbits. Additionally, they also received monies to cover all the needed feed, fees and materials to participate in the stock show. Moreover, in all my years of showing alongside them, I had never seen a more focused nor dedicated group of people, not to mention their exceptional amount of passion. Overall, I feel that through inclusion, all special education students begin to feel like they belong somewhere but more importantly that they are more than the needs of their

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