Special Education Program ( Iep ) Team Essay

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Special education works best with effective collaboration among members of the special education program (IEP) team. The collaboration must be more than the IEP meeting itself. It insures the team continues to communicate and work together to meet the student’s needs. The goal is for the team is for the student to be successful. When general education teachers and special education teachers work together along with the IEP team, the student becomes, our student, and the goals of the IEP drive the instructional program.
For the purposes of this course, a special education team has been created. This team will serve as a resource of information for the assignments throughout this course. The team includes willing colleagues and service professionals who will share ideas and resources with me as I progress through this course. Members of the team include, a special education teacher, general education teacher, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech language pathologist, a student with cerebral palsy, a student with seizure disorders and parents. Building relationships with my colleagues, parents and students will improve my ability to meet the needs of my students.
The Interview
I interviewed three colleagues, all of whom serve on an IEP team for students with physical or health impairments. Each teacher is responsible for writing the students goals and objectives, identifying accommodations and indicating their present levels of academic performance on the IEP. In…

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