Special Education Law And Policies Essay

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Part 2: Special Education Law and Policies “As someone charged with ensuring equality in the school environment, you have heard the term inclusion-the principle that students with special needs, skill sets, and abilities should be integrated in publicly supported activities to the same extent as their nondisabled peers.” (Taylor, 2010, p. 8) To make sure that special education students are included in public education, school leaders must make sure that these students are a part of the least restrictive environment possible. There are many different stipulations that need to be fulfilled for a school to be in compliance with special education laws, but we will focus on five key ideas that keep special education students in their least restrictive environment. The first key idea is that all school districts must make sure that the placement of this student should be close as possible to the child’s home school. This is to make sure that the student feels comfortable with their surroundings and immersed with students that they grow up with in their neighborhood. The special education students have to work harder than most students to receive the same education as their general education students do, but if these students do not have people around them that they are comfortable with and living in the same neighborhoods and will feel lonely in their classes. This first idea to keep the student as close to their home school as possible will allow the student to feel…

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