Special Education And Effective Practices

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History of Special Education and Recent Effective Practices

Between the 1965 and 1975, state legislatures, the US Congress and the federal courts pushed for strong educational rights for children with disabilities. Out of the fifty states, forty-five state legislatures passed laws which mandated, encouraged and funded special education programs. Federal courts than followed by ruling that schools would no longer be able to discriminate on the basis of a student’s disability and that parents had due process rights related to the schooling needs of their child. This act is now called the IDEA, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which lays out detailed procedural protections for those eligible for special education services, parental rights, IEPs, the requirement that all children be taught in the least restrictive environment and the need to provide noneducational series which relate to educational services (Martin).
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Over the next few pages, we will take a look a brief look into the history of special education before it became mandated in schools, how it changed after the IDEA act was put into place, and the

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