Special Education For Children With Disabilities Essay

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Special Education was designed to instruct and meet the educational, social, emotional, and vocational needs of students with disabilities (“Special”). Special Education teachers identify, locate, and evaluate children labeled with disabilities, create IEP’s for each child, educate them within “least restrictive environments”, provide education for private schools and are certified teachers (“The History”). “Special Education refers to to a more range of services that can be provided in different way and in different settings” (“Understanding”). “Special Education instructors work with the youth and children with a wide range of disabilities” (“Educating”). Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975, also known as Public Law 94-142, was created to provide appropriate education for the children with disabilities. All public schools that are granted federal funding have to provide equal access to education for the children with physical and mental disabilities. The goal of EHA is to provide free access and appropriate public education and provide support and protection to both the child and family (“The History”). “Special Education teachers provide specially designed instructions to individuals with disabilities” (“Special”). They me must design lessons to meet specific and unique instructional needs of each child, by development ability not age (“Teaching”). Special Education teachers talk with general education teachers, parents, and administrators regularly. They…

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