Special Education Students With Disabilities

In today’s educational system students with disabilities are educated alongside peers in the public school systems. However, this has not always been the case for these particular students. The United States, a place where everyone is treated equally, but does that actually mean everyone? It was nearly 200 years after American gained its independence in 1776 that steps were taken to educated those with disabilities. Today, programs for this group are such an abundance one would be surprised to know the learn that many of these programs came to be in the last 50 years. (3) Special education’s story begins in the early 20th century. Parents of these children began forming advocacy groups to bring education to these children with special needs. …show more content…
Civil Rights were granted to all disabled people, by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This act prohibited discrimination in programs operated federal government agencies. Students are also to be granted accommodations for disabled students in the public school systems. Two year later, in 1975, the Education for All Handicapped Children, also known as Public Law 94-142, came into play. This law protected children and youth with disabilities, and their families. Under this law all public school were granted federal funding allowing the schools to provide access to children with physical, and or mental disabilities. (2) This law required that students be evaluated then, based off the results an education plan was to be made that was parallel with the ones of the peers. Along with these educational plans this law stated that parents and families needed adequate support systems. This was to help ensure that the child was getting appropriate services, and the services needed to dispute decision on the child’s behalf. (2) This act was amended in 1997 and in 2004. The changes to the act made it possible for a child with disabilities from ages 3 to 21 to have free access to a public education as long as the state received federal funding. The children were still evaluated and required to have his or her own educational plan. They were to educated in their least restrictive environment, an environment that is ideally with their developing peers, but dependent on their individual education plan. These federal guidelines work to ensure that the students were educated by a highly qualified instructor who was certified to teach special education. As far as discipline of child with disabilities they could not be suspended or expelled at rates higher than their typically developing peers. The IDEA worked to ensure that all disabled students were adequately educated to ensure they succeeded

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