Speaking Up-A Teen's Greatest Challenge

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Speaking Up - A Teen’s Greatest Challenge People are unique and have different perspectives and opinions about certain things that occurred in our society. People require speaking up in order to communicate their thoughts and feelings to the society. A lot of teenagers find it difficult to speak up. They choose to stay silent when something is essential to be said. Speaking up when it may otherwise seem impossible is a teen’s greatest challenge because it may take risks, trigger rebellions and hurt other people’s feelings. One reason that makes speaking up a teen’s greatest challenge is that it requires a teen’s courage. Many teenagers are not brave enough to speak up when something really important should be said. In The Shape of The Girl, at the age of fourteen, Braidie is not able to speak up for Sofie, a girl that used to be her friend and is constantly being targeted by the other girls: “Sofie's head is turning, twisting away …show more content…
In Uglies, at age of sixteen, Tally Youngblood is struggling to speak up when she “couldn’t explain that she [has] come here as a spy, or David will never trust her again” (Westerfield 275). Tally is glad that nobody knows the truth temporarily because everyone is happy when the truth is not been told. But how many pressures would Tally feel if she decides to hide the truth for her entire life? She should speak up about the what had truly happened, but how could it be easy if it would possibly hurt someone’s feeling and make the relationship between them become worse? Like Tally, most teenagers had experienced or will experience similar cases. They are afraid of speaking up because it may hurt other people’s feelings. Instead of speaking up, they choose to stay silent when something really important should be said. For the reason that teenagers have the fear of hurting other people, speaking up becomes the greatest challenge for

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