Speaking In Tongue Analysis

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Standard English is the structure of language acknowledged for being intelligent and accepted as the national norm in English speaking countries. Alterations in pronunciation and spelling that is not standard is associated with being uneducated, therefore stereotyped and frowned upon. This is evident in the essay “Speaking in tongues” the author conveys, Obama’s ability to be flexible with the dialect he use to engage diverse crowds invoked a “great fear” in voters, insisting Obama had “double ways”. The fear comes from believing that the English voice which is dominant and of class should not be intertwined with and other dialect because of the stereotypes of those groups. The article further states, “He say one things but he means another” …show more content…
Individuals who are biracial were born with the advantage of inheriting a voice from each parent. Embracing two different cultures provides a better understanding of conflicting worlds. For instance, In the essay” Speaking In Tongues” illustrates a youthful Obama conversing with Black friend who from experience thought that Asian and White girls were racist because of their lack of interest in him. Obama responded with “Just” “cause a girl don’t go out with you doesn’t make her racist” and attaching other attributes as justification for the disinterest eliminating race as the basis. Obama’s logical explanation disregarding race as a factor for the “white” and “Asian” girl rejection is contributed to him being multi-racial. His background as, white, Asian, and black allows him to become one with many views. This same conversation would have been a quite different if Obama friend were exchanging his experience with another Black friend that share the same experiences, and logically agreeing that the girls were indeed racist .Obama’s mixed background contributes to the reason why he became successful president for two terms. His ability to connect to different ethnic groups and races simultaneously incorporating a voice which everyone can understand made him success gull in becoming a president of a diverse country twice. Other presidents such as Bush and Clinton successfully secured two terms of …show more content…
Vernacular used in black communities signifies strength and togetherness. If one leaves the community to become productive and education according to the nation standards and then go back to the community with a new style of voice, can be perceive as an act of betrayal. According the “speaking in tongues” It’s the way talking to the old way which can come of condescending by neglected the familiar voice your community identify with you can easily be seen as not talking to them but talking at them, indicating that you are somehow better. In the essay” Obama English” Rev. Jesse L. Jackson certified Obama for patronizing black people by pointed out the issues of black fathers absence within the black community. “Rev J Jackson grumble that Obama was “talking down to people”. The black reaction to imperious behavior with rejection. The essay “Speaking in Tongue” Zadie argued that, when the black community sense change that unfamiliar that person is jeopardizing their black card. This card is what keeps you the same, it’s you “keeping it real” unable to follow the rules of the card it will be revoked by the community dismissing you

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