Speaking For Those Too Young Essay

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Speaking for Those too Young to Understand
Child abuse is a national calamity that is appalling and often draws violent and emotional reactions. South Carolina has improved in child well-being the last several years, and statistics from Kids Count now indicate that we have risen from 45th to 42th in the nation for child well-being. While this is a step in the right direction, more can be done to save our innocent children from the atrocities of child abuse. Improvements can be made in how cases handled, through how many cases are responded to and the response time, and how information is permeated throughout the public, especially the amount of education given to children.
According to the Department of Social Services, 37% of child abuse cases in 2011 resulted in no action being taken by the department, but in 2013 the percent of cases where no action was taken lowered to 18%. This shows that DSS is becoming more proactive and perhaps points to a more thorough investigation, however that still leaves 2,938 out of 16,317 cases left with no action, and at least 2,938 children who are not protected. Whenever a child abuse case is reported to DSS, the response time varies from a couple of hours to a couple days. Consistency with response times and thorough investigations could mean the difference between a child suffering for even a few more hours or in some cases days before DSS gets to them.
Unfortunately, I was a victim of child abuse when I was sexually abused by…

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