Speak Out Against Police Brutality

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Essentially, the job of a police officer is to protect lives and property, but as an officer they swore to protect and serve their citizen. However, more and more cases are proving that officers are abusing their power and harming those they deem as criminals. Therefore, more regulations and precautions should be taken within police departments to prevent police brutality and misconduct, which can lead to perilous civil riots, negative views on officers of the law, and civilians committing unlawful justice.

When a community feels wronged by those who are supposed to be trusted, it can cause a backlash by its citizens. People usually are against law enforcement because the system fails to protect them. Police brutality not only causes issues with police departments and their regulations, it creates injustice with citizens, causing them to dissent. Disappointed with the justice system, people feel that it is necessary to protest about the excessive
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The article “ Speak Out Against Police Violence” showed how a women felt that “Even though the officer who shot and left her son bleeding to death in October 2004 was convicted on second-degree murder charges” years later, she still felt that justice was not served. The mother would harass the nypd and continue to violently protest. The community can not reply on the system to subsequently hold these policemen accountable for using excessive force unnecessarily because it is the officers of the system who are violently abusing power. There is a need for excessive force to be used in certain, life endangering situations, but there is limited to no regulations on how these situations are being handled, when it’s necessary to use such

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