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New Zealand has an open economy that places few barriers in the way of Foreign Service providers or importers. But our exporters often encounter barriers overseas, which is why New Zealand pursues an active trade agenda. To advance and safeguard New Zealand’s interests, we need to establish and maintain our exporters’ access to markets that matter. Since 2000, trade agreements have proliferated worldwide. As our global competitors develop new networks of trade agreements, we need to match their progress or risk our exporters being disadvantaged. Free trade does not just benefit our exporters. New Zealand importers and consumers enjoy wider and cheaper access to many countries’
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Online vacancies for managers grew by 1.6 per cent, while technicians and trades workers grew by 1.3 per cent. Skilled vacancies for professionals fell by 0.6 per cent.
Table 2: Annual percentage change in advertised job vacancies*
Top 10 4-digit ANZSCO title % change Jan
2014 to Jan 2015
1 Engineering Managers 46%
2 Conference and Event Organizers 36%
3 Construction Managers 32%
4 Cafe and Restaurant Managers 30%
5 Human Resource Managers 17%
6 Finance Managers 11%
7 Advertising and Sales Managers 9%
8 Corporate Services Managers 8%
9 Policy and Planning Managers 5%
1 Actuaries, Mathematicians and Statisticians 75%
2 Occupational and Environmental Health Professionals 43%
3 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers 42%
4 Electrical Engineers 28%
5 Solicitors 20%
6 Civil Engineering Professionals 18%
7 Cartographers and Surveyors 14%
8 Advertising and Marketing Professionals 12%
9 Accountants 10%
10 Software and Applications Programmers 6%
Technicians and Trade Workers
1 Air

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