Sparta And Athens Comparison Essay

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Ancient Greece, the birthplace of many achievements that still influence western civilization today. Ancient Greece was one country, but it was separated by several different ways of life. These societies all brought something different to the table, making the diversity of ancient Greek culture that much greater. Two notable societies of ancient Greece are the city-states of Sparta and Athens. Despite the fact that these two city-states had several similarities, they were different in several radical ways. The political, social, and militaristic evolution of these two powers is what stands them apart. The early history of the two poleis were similar considering their establishments of government. Initially governed by a council of nobles-which represented the king’s authority-, early Athens was at a rocky growth due to negative effects influenced by the political establishment. Unprofitable land …show more content…
They were the most formidable forces in the ways of war. However, Sparta and Athens had their strengths and weaknesses. Athens had naval superiority. With over 200 warships, Athens had the largest naval fleet in ancient Greece. During the course of the Athenian Empire, the empire had an expansive policy with aggressive actions. Forming the Delian league, 173 city-states of the Aegean were under the dominion of the Athenian Empire. This “alliance” had beneficial consequences for the empire by aiding the Athenian economy. Athenians insisted that expanding their control brought a sense of freedom and security to the regions that recognized Athenian Leadership. However, many Greeks believed that Athens was main priority was expanding its territory and influence. An example of this would be in 416 B.C.E., the empire attempted to gain control of the island, Melos. In response to their refusal to join, all Melian men of military age were executed while the rest of the population was sold into

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