Spanking Research Study

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Clifton Flynn did his research study on the different attitudes of spanking in college students from the south and northeast. Surveys were distributed among the students asking their experiences of getting spanked, their evaluations of their punishments, and their attitudes toward spanking. Over 90% of American parents spank their children and are in favor of spanking their children (Flynn, 1994; Straus, 1991; Wauchope and Straus, 1990). Most studies of spanking in the past rely on parents ' reports of spanking and effects from spanking. College students are able to recall events from their past much quicker since their memories of spanking were only a few years ago as opposed to adults where it could be decades when they were spanked (Flynn, …show more content…
Students from both schools were in introductory sociology and psychology classes and completed a ten page survey during the class period. The survey was split into numerous parts, including sections on Demographics, experiences with being spanked, reactions and thoughts about being physically punished, and attitudes toward physical punishment. Participants were young adults under the age of 25, who were not married, and did not have children. Only white participants were allowed to take the survey due to there not being enough black individuals in the Northeast …show more content…
Southern females were most likely to see spankings as justified, as 53.4% said their mother should have spanked them more than half the time" or "always. 46.5% of southern male students agreed that they should have been spanked more than half the time or almost always. Southern males had much more favorable attitudes toward spanking generally than both female and male Northeastern students combined.
The culture that the students in the Northeast live in could view spanking as less favorable and used more infrequently. The students also could have imagined their experiences being more negative and dramatic than it really was. Another consideration to be made is the views of both regions. The south tends to be more conservative and Christian. The South has also grown up in a culture where it is more acceptable to spank from the passage in the Bible about how parents that love their children will discipline them with the rod. In the north east, it the region is more liberal and will tend to think of spanking as a form of physical abuse. I think that the reason there are less behaved children in America is because they do not spank their children or not enough. Spanking is not used to abuse a child, but to discipline a child. After a spanking, the parent needs to tell the child what they did wrong, and that they spanked them because they love

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