Corporal Punishment Argumentative Essay

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When we are children, our parents strive to shape us into the best people we can be. Sometimes, the things they do upset us and we don’t understand their goal. Whatever their go-to action for bad behavior, parents only mean the best for their kids. Some parents take the calm approach of time-outs and grounding from favorite activities, while other parents take the approach of spanking/swatting. Some parents only use spanking as a last resort, while others use it multiple times daily. Many people view any kind of physical punishment as abuse, and others think that spanking is a must if you want respectful children.
Merriam-Webster defines corporal punishment as: “punishment applied to the body of an offender including the death penalty, whipping, and imprisonment” or “punishment administered by an adult (as a parent or a teacher) to the body of a child ranging in severity from a slap to a spanking” ( In the Middle Ages, whipping was commonly used to punish people for minor crimes. In the 18th century, the Army and the Navy used whipping and flogging as a punishment. This was banned
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She says, “"We call that intergenerational transmission because our parents are one of our main examples of how to parent, so parents do what parents did to them.” Gershoff has also done research to show that spanking is more common among African Americans than any other race. She also says: “There are people who say it might be a legacy of slavery, which is a very sad thing to think about but it 's possible that having lived for centuries with a culture of violence being kind of (used) against them that they kind of keep it going unfortunately” (Wallace). So, what she’s saying is, African-Americans might be more likely to spank or whip their kids because of past slavery. This also goes along

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