Essay on Spanking Is A Form Of Corporal Punishment

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“The word "punishment" comes from the same root (Z.. poena) as do the words "penalty" and "pain"”(Maurer, 614). It is hard to say exactly what punishment entails because it can be defined differently all throughout the United States and the world. It is not uncommon for scientist to come up with new words and change the meanings of old ones. Times change and words change all the time. For this paper I think it is important to understand “The synonyms "chastise," "discipline," and "correct" are differentiated by noting that while punishment indicates some retribution inflicted after a disobedience, chastise is likely to suggest the infliction of pain in the hope of effecting a reformation; discipline may involve punishment but always suggests action in the interest of order, rule, or control by authority; while correct may indicate a guiding away from error”(Maurer, 614). Spanking is a form of corporal punishment. Parents spank for all types of reasons so these words will be used throughout this paper. When defining corporal punishment “usually it consists of a light blow with the open hand on the buttocks or hand because the child has misbehaved, deviated from the right path, failed to comply with authority’s wishes and instructions, or failed to accept authority”(Shmueli, 282). I agree that many parents do have reasons to spank children. I do not agree that those reasons justify the action of hitting that child. I have a reason to kick my friend but just because I have a…

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