Spanish and Ottoman Empires Essays

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Topic: Spanish and Ottoman Empires

Beginning from when Sargon I of Akkad built the worlds first empire, many empires have since then been established and now hold a name that are both as eminent and momentous. Two of these such empire are the Spanish and the Ottoman Empires, which began to establish and expand around the time of 1450-1800. Although separate and located in different parts of the world, the Ottoman and Spanish Empires share many similarities, as well as many differences in their empire building process. The Ottoman and the Spanish Empire were politically similar in their governing system, but different in the way that they distributed their policies. The Ottoman Empire, unlike the Spanish, had an empire based
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The Spanish, contrary to the Ottoman, would ban any other forms of practice other than Catholicism/Christianity. The reason the Spanish were so bent on forbidding other practices is because of their fear of mixing different cultures. The two empires were different in the way they attempted to advance their empire, the Spanish were constantly searching for new technological advances for exploration purposes, while the Ottoman focused more on their military power and gunpowder technology, making them one among the most advanced military forces of that time. They also differed in how they expanded their land. The Spanish would destroy any traces of preexisting civilizations and/or cultures and modify it to the way they operate. The Ottoman, however, after conquering the land, would let the people continue to rule themselves. Furthermore, the Spanish Empire’s class system was based on blood and individuals were born into their class. For example, the highest among the Spanish colonies were peninsulas, who were born in Spain. The Ottoman, unlike the Spanish, built a social system based on religion, those with high social statuses and governmental positions were required to be Muslim, and Muslims had more influence and power than non-Muslims. Economically, both empires had similar aspirations. The foundation for both empires was primarily focused on spreading

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