Spanish And New England Colonies Essay

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The New World was a land full of choices for the settlers that discovered it to make. Despite the fact that the Spanish and English people came into the New World at different time frames, both countries had goals to achieve. The English wanted to establish settlements for a growing future nation, and the Spanish wanted gold and success in expansion as well. The Spanish and New England colonies in the New World in 1492-1763 had both major differences and similarities in government, religion, and the treatment of indigenous people. The Spanish government maintained a monarchical rule throughout New World exploration while the English fought against the king to gain governmental freedom. The Spanish government within the colonies selected governors through the Viceroy System to run and report back what was happening within the Spanish Facilities. The Pope led and was the higher-up of people such as archbishops, bishops, and priests. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella expected the Viceroyalty to carry out Spanish law as though the King was there to ensure there was a constant stream of bullion and other valuable materials were sent back to the country to continue productive income for the country. Obedience to the Hierarchy was expected because it was the only way to reach salvation through the Spanish government. In contrast to the Spanish the English government was run by the people at the start of the colonies despite still technically being under rule of the king.. The…

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