Concept Of Span Of Control

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This concept is from module 3.2 in organization, planning and staffing course. It is on span of management.
Span of management can also be referred to as span of control, span of responsibility or span of supervise.
Span of control is simply the number of subordinates a supervisor has. It is the number of subordinate that can be effectively controlled by the manager.
Span of control in organization result in the following:
- Increase efficiency
- Good professional relations
- Good communication and coordination development of discipline and mutual trust
Like any other concept, span of control has a lot of factors affecting it, these include:
- Geographical dispersion which result to inability of the manager to supervise subordinates
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Wide Span of Control
This is a wide organizational structure. A single manager is supervising large numbers of subordinates.
2. Narrow Span of Control
This is the opposite of the wide span. It is a tall organizational structure. Here the manager supervises few number of subordinate.
3.1 Personal Context
In human resource management, span of control is very common. Span of management is a tool that contributes to check and balances. It helps to bring out areas of unproductively and as well as commending and enforcing those practices and responsibilities that contributes to growth and attainment of organization goals and objectives.
In all managerial concepts, span of control is achievable through the following:
- Good communication skills
- Good leadership style, preferably transformational and participative
- Responsibility of subordinates
- Good work or healthy work environment with the recent lean stigma, financial constraint can cause
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A principle of nursing service is to initiate a set of human relationships at all levels of nursing personnel to accomplish their job and responsibilities through systematic management process by establishing flexible organizational design.
In my current job, nursing services has the same objectives, principles and roles, which are the same with other standardized hospitals worldwide.
The leader of the nursing team is the Director, which supersede all other ranks and position.
Discussions of hospitals quality, efficiency and nursing care often taken place independently of one another.
Research on nursing services is continuing, its scope has expanded through programs such as interdisciplinary nursing quality research initiative. Despite the researchers, the nature of nursing job is still tedious and not well understood. In a survey, 88% of the public agreed that making sure there are enough man power in nursing to monitor patient, coordinate care and educate patients should be a part of efforts to improve quality but focus groups find that the public is confused about what nurses do and what distinguishes them from other

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