Is A Space-Time Like A Mirror?

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Space-time is like a mirror. Nothing exists in the mirror, but mirror can manifest everything at all its points. However, any given point of a mirror can project only one entity to any given observer. No observer can see a point of mirror projecting more than one entity, but another observer located at a different angle will see a different entity at the same point.
A mirror can manifest different physical entities at the same point, but not to the same observer. Space-time remains unaffected by the properties of the entity it manifests.
Mirror manifests only a few of our properties because it does not have the potential to manifest the rest of the properties, but it does not mean that our properties are affected by the limitations of the mirror.
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We have already seen that the expanse of space-time can be reduced is to use a telescope, a zoom lens, or zoom microphone. Theoretically, it is possible to make a telescope that can bring even farthest galaxy to the frame of the observer. Obviously, the telescope and the observer will melt long before galaxy comes anywhere close to the observer, but it is theoretically possible to bring it the local frame of the observer.
However, Schrödinger is asking a different question – how can something as limited in space and time as a human being is can accommodate something as huge as even one galaxy within its boundaries?
Answer to this question is that the observable universe is only a projection of information. We do not store actual body of a human being in our brain; our brain only stores (if at all) information about the entity. When projected inside our body; it does not take the form we perceive when the same information is projected
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Space-time is neither the emptiness in which things exist nor it is a container in which things happen. It also cannot be thought of as a screen on which things are projected. Space-time is the irreducible element of physical reality, but it is very different from abstract concept of the space-time continuum.
The key word is ‘manifest’ because it eliminates the requirement of an entity having any physical existence. Manifested form appears exists only momentarily, and is nothing more than a ripple in the water.
Since all entities have the same potential; therefore, wavefunction of individual physical entities is not about the potential properties of an entity; it is the sum of properties that a system can manifest as a consequence of an act of observation.
We have already explained the mechanism of the collapse of wavefunction; however, the more significant question is – ‘If all entities have the same potential then, how the wavefunction is created in the first

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