Space Exploration Persuasive Essay

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Many Canadians frequently wonder why our government spends billions of dollars on space exploration every year. New observations and information are vital to our society to understand life and possibility of life on other planets. Science is the true foundation for technology and the development of our economy. Most of the time, we rely on facts and knowledge, but sometimes, we must search outside the skyline and develop our understanding about the world surrounding us. Yes, we need to take risks and continue to move forward. Without space exploration, Earth would be a disaster because of the lack of study!
Good Morning Ms. Guerierro, Ms. Ricard, and fellow astronauts! Today I am going to share my opinion with all of you because
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By working together, countries can share, enhance and speed up discoveries. Rivalry between countries in terms of space exploration is not a good idea. For example, the arms race between America and Russia led to the creation of the best nuclear weapons. In the end, America created a very dangerous nuclear bomb and dropped it in Japan, and led to the death of millions of people. The moral of the story is that when countries compete with each other- instead of working together- it can lead to death and chaos. Therefore, international collaboration in space exploration is very important because it leads to camaraderie between countries.
One of the most obvious benefits of space exploration is the expansion of our knowledge. Overtime, the machines astronomers and astronauts use have become increasingly complicated. For example, before we used simplistic telescopes to monitor changes in the sky and to watch the stars. Now we have satellites that orbit the Earth from the outside to get information inside and outside our planet. From space exploration and research, we have learned about holes in the ozone layer, predictions about when meteors or meteoroids are going to hit the Earth, and many more important facts!

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