Essay about Space And Time : A Western Perspective

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Space and time are means by which individuals and cultures orientate themselves to the world. Each is defined by their respective cultures, the resulting meaning and value supplied by that culture. The purpose of this paper is to explain and discuss how and why meanings surrounding space and time differ from one culture to the next. That geographical location, historical instances, and how individuals are include or exclude highlight the varied cultural meanings that exists within space. In addition, how rituals like rites of passage and liminal space are symbolic constructions surrounding different concepts and experiences of time. Space, and the meaning cultures give to it, is not static. Every culture defines space differently. To westerners it seems only natural that geography should define and divide up space by nations. But what nations are understood to be today, from a western perspective, is not how it has always been defined. In the past nations meant identifying people by language and religion (Delany, p. 39). The idea is predicated on the false belief that every group has the same notions of boundaries. Arabs represent an interesting contrast to this understanding of space. Borders were not important and even none-existent in desert areas, where land was traveled to get to places, people, and goods (Delaney, p. 39). If the people move across land for food, trade, work, or because they have not political or cultural allegiance, then nation boundaries becomes…

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