Essay on Soviet Union And Western Powers

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Though the Soviet Union and Western powers such as the United States had been bound together by alliances during times of war, there were many other issues that could not be agreed upon; this notably included the coexistence of communism and capitalism in different parts of the world. Viewing other countries and their respective powers as greater threats (such as Nazi Germany), key members of the Soviet Union, including Josef Stalin, agreed to put away differences with countries in order to gain support and enhance their position; they did so by insisting that their country and people wanted nothing more than peace. The Soviet Union was successful in coercing citizens from across the globe during World War II of these ideas, notably after the invasion of the Soviet Union by Germany and the entrance of the United States into the war, both in 1941. These messages of desires of world peace helped remove potential targets on the Soviet Union, though they obviously failed to mirror the Soviet Union’s initial stance on political issues; in the decades preceding the war, the Soviet Union had been overly vocal on their beliefs. Ultimately, World War II helped suppress the impending conflict between the USSR and Western powers, though it didn’t prevent it; those years of mistrust between the sides proved to be not too extreme.

USSR’s Point of View: Communism Many years before the start of World War II, the leaders of the USSR (the Soviet Union) set up and vocalized their plan on…

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