Soviet Union And The Cold War Essay

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The Cold War was a period of time when tension between the Soviet Union and the United States uprised due to economic and ideological differences. The Cold War began in 1945 and ended in 1991. Even though the term “war” was used, there was never any physical fighting involved. Both, the Soviet Union and the United States ideological differences influenced the way both countries would react to the Cold War. At the time, the Soviet Union was communist and the United States was democratic and capitalist. Communist believed in a workers paradise, property must be owned by government, people cannot vote and it is a classless society. In the United States people were able to own land, vote for their officials, and citizens could earn a living. Those two extremely different ideologies caused conflict. The Soviet Union is responsible for the emergence of the Cold War due to Stalin 's broken promises, the separation of western and eastern Europe and the Berlin Blockade.
There were many reasons for why the Soviet Union was to blame for the Cold War. The first reason for why the Soviet Union was to blame for the Cold War is due Stalin 's failure to allow free elections. The Yalta Conference took place in Yalta, Russia in 1945. President Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill all attended the confrence. The conference discussed many important topics. The Yalta Conference occurred after World War II. The United States, Soviet Union, and Great Britain 's point of view were all…

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