Comparison Between Southwood School Recruitment And Selection

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The following is a brief overview of the current recruitment and selection methods used by the Southwood School.

Application Form
Campus Recruiting/educational Institutions
• Can hire people to grow with the organization
• Plentiful sources of talent
Time consuming
• Only appropriate for certain types of experience levels
• Only posted once in a newspaper publication which limited the amount of candidates applying for the position
• Not provided online or on the school website making it difficult to download all information
Psychometric Test
Used to measure a candidates suitability of required personality and characteristics by the school
1. Knowing candidate on personal level
2. Adding more information
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At the present time, the selection method used by Southwood School was solely an interview led by the principal, administrator, HR manager, Department head, and Senior teacher. Although this method has been used to successfully select candidates in the past, concerns were voiced that possibly the “best-practice methods were not being used. (Robson, 2008)
The recommended selection method for the Southwood School is a combination of more than one method to improve the quality of new hires.
To begin with, a hiring team should be selected, possibly a senior staff member, the Principal, and a teacher in the department of the vacancy. Moreover, the hiring team must have an understanding of their individual roles, be trained specifically in resume selection and have the time available to participate in the selection process. Additionally, the hiring team is responsible for helping to develop selection criteria, screen resumes, prepare interview questions, participate in the interviews, assessing each candidate against the selection criteria, along with offering input about the final selection. (Sawchuk,

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