Southfield Packaging Case Study Essay

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Southfield Packaging Case Study

1a) What is your evaluation of the appraisal process (SPR) at Southland Packaging? My initial evaluation of the this process is positive, if both the supervisor and the employee adhered to the guidelines that were to be utilized during the process. The SPR was to last two full hours (not certain it should require this much time) and provide an undisturbed opportunity for the manager and to communicate directly with the subordinate about their level of performance. In turn, it offered the employees a venue to voice career goals and workplace concerns to superiors. This process is much like any Fortune 500 company process, we use nearly identical criteria at Xerox. The online tool is beneficial to the
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For an employee who has been employed by the company less than a year, they should conduct a 30-60-90 day appraisal, not wait for an entire year to pass. It is also important to have an open door policy. At Xerox we have an executive interview with your Manager’s Manager once a year offered.

2a) What is your assessment of Belby’s definition of performance? In my opinion, Belby took a passive role in his performance appraisal. He clearly understood the guidelines for the review, after being employed by this company for 15 years. He knew what he was entitled to by company policy and standards. He was frustrated that his review was rushed, his superior took constant calls during what was to be uninterrupted time, they met outside of the office, outside of normal business hours and Sanders gave him little opportunity to speak about the proposal mishap in front of the customer. Belby knew the company policy was to participate in an annual review and he never spoke up when his appraisal from the prior year didn’t take place. He still didn’t speak up when Sanders said they should discuss the remainder of the review by phone the following week. Belby understood the definition of performance from a company perspective with regards to product regulations, safety requirements, and the client service was the #1 priority for the company, but I didn’t get

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