Southern Baptist Convention : Administrative Organizational Structure

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Southern Baptist Convention: Administrative Organizational Structure

Organizational structure is a necessity in any organization. It’s the foundation that defines how certain activities are directed towards a goal; such as supervising and coordination, along with allocating specific tasks to certain individuals, departments, or groups. Organizational structure reflects how individuals perceive their organization and the environment in which they reside within the institution. An institution can be structured in various ways, depending on its target goal. The structure of an organization will determine the modes in which it will operate and perform (“Wikimedia,” 2016). Organizational structure provides a firm foundation in which standard operating procedures can rely on. This means, group members within the organization can participate in the decision-making processes within the institution. Within the ministry, the structure of the church is made up, likely, of only a few ministries. Usually the tasks are routine. This organization structure has the head seat occupied by Jesus Christ. First and foremost, only after Christ can then be the pastor, who is directed and guided by the Holy Spirit. The pastor then, more than likely, has an assistant below him. Commonly followed by other positions of equality within the organizational structure. This includes, a youth minister. Keep in mind, depending on the size of the church there can be assistants to these leaders as well.…

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