South Korean Education : The Immobility It Creates Essay

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South Korean Education: The Immobility it creates
The South Korean education system provides exceptional teaching, academic support, and competition. The largest factor, however, isn 't one of these things. It is how much hard work each student spends outside of the school day on their academics, that sets them apart from other countries. The influences and high focus on their study habits and the additional private tutoring that they are expected to take part in, is what I do not support.
As Korean Education: A Philosophical and Historical Perspective, discusses on page one, "the college entrance examinations provide a vivid example of what Koreans sometimes call their 'education fever '." Every person in South Korea is constantly competing to get to a higher level of education, a higher role in the community, which will also achieve much more respect for themselves by the community. As of 2013, there are about 50.22 million people in South Korea. 97.9 percent of that population has gone through some kind of education, which would be about 49 million people are educated in South Korea. Only 4 million of those original 50 million people will get the highly respected college education that they are seeking in South Korea. There is not enough room in the Korean education system to support the amount of students who want to achieve the highest degree of education that they would like to achieve. South Korea is constantly telling students that…

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