Essay about South Kore A Rapidly Modernizing And Growing Global Force

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South Korea has established itself as a rapidly modernizing and growing global force, since their rapid expansion beginning in the 1960’s. Korea has unique business and communication styles compared to the Western World, affecting their transactions as a whole (Figure 1). Concerning business interactions, Koreans prefer to have copious amounts of context and details about the individuals they will be contacting. In accordance with this style of communication, Koreans tend to take an indirect approach by avoiding the word “no” and paying particular attention to nonverbal responses such as appropriate silence, expressive gestures, and humble etiquette. For Koreans, family dependency is extremely valued between generations. Within the schooling systems, strong relationships between the students and the faculty are admired, especially for college students. In Korea personal relationships extend into business and are crucial in doing business. It’s difficult to transition within the Korean government and business hierarchy unless one has strong connections. Educations is one of the gateways to achieving status in Korean society. Schooling is imperative in Korea and the higher prestige of a college can translate to a better chance earning a stable job (GlobeSmart).
All of these traits are reflected throughout Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU). SKKU strives to uphold its four principles: benevolence, righteousness, propriety, and wisdom. Established in 1398 as the oldest university in…

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