Essay about South Carolina And North Carolina

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Once an animal becomes extinct there is no bringing it back, it is gone for good. That is why it is important that people do not delay and start to use proper care and help protect these species that are endangered in North Carolina. The ecosystem is a fragile system and the strain caused by a certain animal going extinct could possibly cause the entire ecosystem to collapse Which would be a tragic thing; it would not just affect the environment, but it could also affect humans and their daily lives depending on how drastic the change is. Therefore, something must be done to prevent that from occurring and preferably something soon. In a state as biologically diverse as North Carolina the possibility of an animal becoming endangered or going extinct should not be a problem, but sadly it is; thankfully this tragic thought can be prevented with the right programs and the correct precaution and North Carolina definitely has the means to do something about it.
In the great state of North Carolina there are over sixty-one threatened and endangered species (Raleigh) and that is so hard to believe, but it is the truth. In this group of threatened and endangered animals the species can range from large mammals such as the red wolf all the way to small reptiles such as the bog turtle , both equally important to the fragile ecosystem. Out of these animals the sad part is most of them are endangered, only a few of them are threatened. Something has to be done to stop the threatened…

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