South Asian Art And Visual Culture Essay

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When I first entered this class, I didn’t have any extreme expectations. The topic of the class in general didn 't spark any particular interest in my mind. However, I did take a moment to think about what kind of curriculum I would be encountering in the class. I thought, “Oh, this is probably going to be all facts and research about South Asia.” That was not the case. Intro into South Asian Art and Visual Culture with Dr. Sharma gave me more insight into the concept of visual understanding than I’ve ever received. I came into the class with little to no knowledge about South Asia or what “visual culture” meant. Now, I am proud to say that I can take most of the topics discussed in class and write about it or include the topic in a conversation. One of the topics that I learned more about was religion. As someone who isn’t religious, I never really took the time to look into the different religions. It’s important to be aware of other surrounding religions; people could also benefit from being more knowledgeable about their differences and what kind of new ideas can be brought to the table from a religion other than your own. A place in South Asia that is well known for its diverse religion is India. India is home to some of the world’s largest religious groups. Hinduism originated in India and has over 66% of the county’s population following that religion. The next largest group would be Islamic, at 23%. Other religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, and Sikhism are…

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