Essay on South Americ Brazil, Argentina, And Chile

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SOUTH AMERICA – BRAZIL, ARGENTINA, and CHILE South America. When I think of this area several thoughts run rampant through my mind. My thoughts blissfully wander through tropical beaches and long, warm sunny days. The perfect place to take a tranquil vacation, laying on the beach or playing golf at a coastal resort. A place to achieve complete ataraxia. My attention then turns to the violence and drugs which seem to be prevalent in these areas. We hear of the drug wars which run rampant in these regions through various media outlets. Utter chaos and a complete disregard of the law, at times even by those who are supposed to uphold it. Subsequently there are those who live in these locales who want to escape this turmoil by coming to the United States. Their flight is not just to escape the chaos which surrounds them, it is to flee from the poverty to which they are enslaved. Such contrasting views of countries engulfed in harmonious beauty and discordant impoverishment simultaneously.
Although I have never visited the countries under review, the insights you provided both reiterated and negated some of my perceptions. In concordance with your views, I did not differentiate between the countries of Brazil, Argentina, or Chile other than their names. I was familiar with the fact they were tropical, mountainous, and had rain forests. However, I assumed the people were primarily similar to those in Mexico. For the purpose of this paper, we will review each country, focusing on…

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