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The English language states that you cannot judge a book by its cover; Jansen 2010 provides proof to this idiom when he states that people should not doubt South Africa’s possibility of having a bright and prosperous future just because of what has happened. The background of an individual does not always determine his future, it can only be used to help one to strive for success in order to survive from whatever circumstances faced. In my opinion no situation except death can prohibit or act as

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While values and morals our parents teach are to respected and obeyed nevertheless we can question them, in simple terms I mean we may be spoon-fed cruel ways of surviving in some instances but that does not mean we are really obliged to do so, we rather adapt to the deeds of our fellow students from previously advantaged races.

Learners easily influence each other so if some learners are peace and unity ambassadors, others will follow on their ways of goodwill which could make our country a much better place because it’s future is the youth’s hands. Jansen 2010 suggests that political forces should not get to influence our way of thinking; since there is only a minority of the youth which believes in violence we should try to keep it that way and find a way to deplete the minority to almost nothing. The writer argues that the children have turned the violent past portrayed in the pictures into a bunch of myths which shows how the kids are trying to erase the irregularities, of the unkind past, on their own.

It is true that the kids are going to be okay because if I am not mistaken 80% of the subjects they learn at school cover the chapter of inclusivity (unity and acceptance amongst each other). The theory in the books roams the children’s minds because they believe it is what going to make our country a desirable habitat for all. Taking a look at a recent incident; xenophobia, the people who were for xenophobia were not even 30% of this
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