Essay on South African Examination Council ( Waec )

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My school, Wesley Girls’ High School, in which I take so much pride, is noted as the best High School in Ghana as well as one of the best in West Africa. A careful study of results by the West African Examination Council (WAEC), the main examining body, between 2003 and 2013 showed a pattern of poor results being churned out by various schools year after year. However, Wesley Girls High School was one of the very few schools to maintain consistency in results and thus is blazing the trail of Ghana in the sub region. My school, as a result has attained the status of a national icon with impeccable results year in year out and an equally stellar track record for its graduates. Academic excellence aside, students have other admirable values and characteristics

Being a Methodist School, my school consistently churns out God-fearing, well-balanced, self-confident and successful individuals who are capable of taking the challenges of a fast-changing world in their stride. This is surely a place where each girl develops her talents to the fullest while respecting those of others. This process of personal development is made possible with the aid of our highly qualified teachers who don’t just teach because it is their job but rather are out on a quest to impart knowledge to a younger generation. The presence of well-equipped laboratory facilities make teaching and learning much easier. With physics, chemistry, biology, food laboratories, language centers and many other…

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