Sound And Fury By Josh Aronson Essay

1243 Words Jun 5th, 2016 null Page
"Sound and Fury," a documentary by Josh Aronson, is a compelling story of a struggle between two cultures; the hearing community and the deaf community, grounded in a conflict between members of one family, split over the perceptions and beliefs of what it means to be"normal." It is a film about identity and culture, belonging and being an outsider, misconceptions and a desire to be understood. It is a film about the struggles of a cultural minority to find its place and acceptance in the larger world. Sound and fury is a tale of a family whose members are both; hearing as well as hearing impaired. The main character in the movie is a six years old Heather Artinian, born deaf to parents who are both hearing impaired. Heather 's father, Peter was born deaf even though his tween brother Chris, was born with the ability to hear. Both of their parents were able to hear. Because of his inability to hear, Peter 's childhood was very difficult, as his mother described. The inability to hear and speak created many frustrations as he was not able to communicate with the outside world. His peers ignored him, and he was not able to connect with them. He felt isolated, invisible. Later, as Peter remembered, learning to use the sign language had opened up a whole new world for him. Not only did he found a way to express himself, but he also became a part of a whole, large community. He found his identity amongst people like him, with whom he shared the same experiences, the same…

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