Soul : Religion Or Biology Essay

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Soul: Religion or Biology

According to Wikipedia, “The soul, in many religious, philosophical and mythological traditions, is the incorporeal and, in many conceptions, immortal essence of a living thing. According to most of the Abrahamic religions, only human beings have immortal souls.”

What is a soul? Do all animals have souls? What happens to souls at death? These are all scientific questions with theological implications. Where in a body is the soul located? Aristotle and Leonardo da Vinci were followers of the cardiocentric model believing the soul is located in the heart. Pythagoras was the first person to propose the cephalocentric model locating the soul in the brain. Both Plato and Socrates were cephalocentric advocates. Some Christians believe the soul resides in the stomach. Regardless of the location of the soul, researchers throughout history have made various attempt to prove the physical existence of a soul including attempts to weigh a dying patient’s body just prior to death and again at the “moment” of death. Any loss of weight was attributed to the soul exiting the body.

For example, Dr. Duncan MacDougall (1866 – 1920), an early 20th-century American physician, sought to measure the mass lost of human patients (and dogs) as the soul departed the body at death. He measured the weight loss of six patients at the moment of their deaths. His first subject, the results from which MacDougall felt were the most accurate, lost…

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