`` Sorry, It 's A Boy By Sarah Silverman Essay

1177 Words Mar 31st, 2016 null Page
“Sorry, It’s a boy.” Such a phrase would have caused uproar, turmoil, and boycotts, but in the 21st century, it merely elicits a tenuous reaction of uproar. This phrase was utter by one of America 's foremost feminist, and in America’s biggest event, yet millions stood around and pass it as meaningless banter. Sarah Silverman 's intentions might not be explicitly suggesting the murder of men, but it is hard to ignore this double standard. While feminist have long argued that their cause is based on civil liberties and equality, the reality reflects that this is merely a facade to cover up their inner hatred. The myths spouted by them, their blatant hatred for men, and their deliberate disregard for scientific facts, as just some of the few reasons why feminist activist are not seen as a beacon of hope and change, but as a cult that uses deceptive tactics to lure in members, and destroy all those who can not be convinced.

Among the biggest guns in the feminist arsenal is the gender pay gap. This often misinterpreted, miscalculated, and generic statement reflects nothing about our society. Feminist activist claim that women makes as little as 78 cents for every dollar men make (peck, 2016). What these feminist fail to mention is the fact that women tend to make up the majority of lowest paying jobs like teaching and counselling (Stockwell, 2014). While on the other hand men tend to work on higher paying fields like the STEM fields and Medicine. Men make up 73 percent of…

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