`` Sorority Girl `` : Why You Join A Sorority? Essay

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When you join a sorority, you join a cult. As I sit here writing this in the house of the sorority I belong to, I feel as if I will be doing them an injustice by unveiling them in a negative light throughout this essay. Ancient sacrificial humans were not showered in monogrammed water bottles and bundles of candy when they were initiated into a group, but the process to become a so called “sorority girl” proved to show striking parallels with that of the age-old process to attach oneself to a religious cult even before Christ. Sure, sororities engage in mind-altering practices. Yes, they request unquestioning commitment to their leader. And without a doubt their main priority is to recruit new members in the hopes that these people will worship them for eternity. But as I sit upon it, perhaps being in a cult is not necessarily a bad thing; it is merely quite humorous that ancient rituals still surround the modern world and preppy girls in lace skirts and heels do not think twice about participating in one. Girls go through a formal recruitment process, recite a creed in unison, and are all at once initiated. I knew what I was signing up for as I had given much thought to how absolutely ridiculous it was to stand out in the blistering, Athens sun for nine hours a day, six days of the week in the faint hope that a group in authority will accept the person that you are and invite you to become a participant in their schedule. It is a cut throat process as the houses you may be…

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