Sor Juana Ines de La Cruz: “Reply to Sor Filotea de La Cruz” Essays

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Brandon Keaton
Professor Waltman
World Literature II- Paper # 2
14 September 2012

Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz: “Reply To Sor Filotea De La Cruz” Reflection paper

Times have changed. As years pass, new laws arise, old ones plummet, some are merely altered but indefinitely, there are constant changes that bring us here to date. Reading De La Cruz’s letter, “Reply To Sor Filotea De La Cruz”, made me think more deeply about time and the way it molds us in a way we cant control. Someone has an idea? Poof! Before you know it, a new law goes into affect and whether it angers or excites people, it changes society in some way or another. In this reflection of, “Reply To Sor Filotea De La Cruz”, I plan to elaborate more deeply on
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“Reply To Sor Filotea De La Cruz”, was a letter La Cruz wrote in response to a critique of a sermon that she wrote that the Bishop of Puebla released. In her reply to the Bishop, she doesn’t responds in an aggressive or angry way; she even hides his identity by calling him “Sor Filotea” and also sometimes, “lady”. Her meaning behind this letter isn’t to cause conflict of start any type of trouble between her and the Bishop. I believe that all she is trying to accomplish in this response is the gain of respect and be viewed as an intellectual woman with a desire to learn freely as any man of this time. Not only was she non-confrontational in this reply to the Bishop, she repeatedly lifts him on high, for example: she says “Why do I receive such favor? By chance, am I other than an humble nun, the lowest creature of the world, the most unworthy to occupy your attention? Nor to the first obstruction do I have any response other than I am little worthy in your eyes.” This is only one of the many times she speaks of herself as so low and unimportant and the Bishop as so high and mighty. La Cruz’s secular and religious studies are the only thing that she seems to care about besides the mentoring of her fellow nuns in the convent with her. During her reply, she repeatedly states how important her studies are and how she studies every opportunity that arises. La Cruz also speaks heavily on religion and quotes scripture

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