Sophocles ' Antigone By Sophocles Essay

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In the play, Antigone by the well-known Greek playwright, Sophocles uses various different methods of helping the reader understand the point of the play or meaning behind the play. Sophocles uses various characters such as Creon, Antigone, Haemon, Eurydice, and the Seer, Tiresias to develop his point. In addition, the plot Sophocles uses also enables the reader to be able to figure out the meaning. However, it also suggests Sophocles’ view on the plot of Antigone. Furthermore, through diction from the characters it is evident that Sophocles believes that Antigone is right. In the beginning of play Sophocles uses Antigone to introduce the problem. Sophocles uses descriptive diction with negative connotation for example “martial law”, which helps the reader figure out that, Sophocles isn’t particularly in favor of the law Creon is imposing on the public about Polynices (Sophocles 128). Especially through the way Antigone is speaking about the law with Ismene Sophocles makes this very evident. This is shown when Antigone says “dishonor the laws the gods hold in honor” (130). What Antigone is suggesting is who is she to defile the laws of the gods they deeply respect for the laws of a mortal king. For this is the
Tamukong 2 reason why Antigone disregards the decree, Creon has announced to the public, and goes on to handle Polyneis’s burial on her own. On various occasions the characters in the story of Antigone attempt to explain how foolish the decree about Polyneis is…

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