Essay about Sophocles ' Antigone By Sophocles

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Throughout the world, scholars, poets, and socialites cite and argue multiple aspects within Sophocles’s plays, which all contain a deluge of sentiments that permeate global society and culture. Riddled with disparate interpretations and theories, Antigone sparks acrimonious debate regarding a plethora of its details, such as characterization, theme, and undertone. Antigone, written by the Ancient Greek playwright Sophocles, recounts the events of Oedipus’s daughter, Antigone, following her brothers’ deaths. Sophocles manipulates Antigone’s character to model the loyal, dutiful individual the Greeks idolized in their religion and culture rather than formulating a real character who serves herself.
These attributes of loyalty and duty emerge at the beginning of the story where Antigone requests help from her sister, Ismene, to bury their brother Polyneices who perishes in battle because divine law orders universal burial. Unfortunately, due to King Creon’s recent decree, Ismene declines the inquiry because of the law forbidding the action, but Antigone remains steadfast in her faith and continues on with her plan. Following the illegal burial, a unit of sentries arrests Antigone and delivers her to Creon. Her astonishing faith in the gods grants her enough confidence to face death and not hesitate when King Creon interrogates her. While Creon upholds his written law, Antigone assaults his actions by cursing him and his faith. Unsurprisingly, Creon sentences her to death for…

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