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Outline for Informative Speech

Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the Stop Online Piracy Act

Organizational Pattern:

I. Introduction:

A. Attention Getter: How many of you have ever said, “Google it!” or “look it up on YouTube”? I’m sure you’ve all said it more times than you can count, but imagine a world where neither site exists. No Google, no YouTube--weird, right? Now, imagine the Internet—one of the United State’s most robust and growing industries, without Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube—even harder to fathom.
B. Relevance: The Internet has changed the way we all live. It is at our disposal with many advantages and some disadvantages, piracy being one of them. The Stop Online Piracy Act,
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a. The government is more capable of pursuing copyright violations that occur on the web and it also give the government more power in prosecuting those who produce counterfeit goods and sell them online.
b. In theory, it will boost revenues for the entertainment industry, which, as mentioned earlier, has suffered greatly from online content theft in recent years. Michael Crowley, in an article from TIME Magazine, published in January 2012 states that the entertainment industry loses $58 billion a year from piracy sites and [various] jobs are lost.
2. Just a few but important cons to point out are: major websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube will be forced to patrol user content to ensure it doesn’t contain links to pirated content, new internet start-ups will be more reluctant to locate in the US when they can choose countries with less restriction, and this bill could potentially push jobs overseas when US internet companies relocate to avoid strict regulation.
a. Though those three points are important, the main protest I have seen through research, and my own bias, is that SOPA represents the government extending its reach into our lives at a previously unseen level.

Transition: Now that we have looked at the pros and cons of the bill, let’s look at how it will affect you and your Interenet browsing future.

C. As stated prior in what SOPA will enable the U.S. government agencies and

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