Sony 's Ps4 Vs Microsoft Essay

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NEXT GEN Sony’s PS4 vs Microsoft’s Xbox One is a conversation either you have heard about or a choice you have had to make. Choosing a gaming console for yourself or your kids is not as easy as it sounds considering the competitive sprit from both parties. Also, things such as price, bundles, and apps are all things to consider however, there is more about the console that meets the eye. They are defiantly the same in some categories however totally different in others. Making a $400 decision based off looking at products is not wise so I will go in debt about the two consoles. I would start off comparing the hardware of the two systems because the spec. actually matters and can judge how the consoles perform. Xbox One and the PS4 both use 8core AMD CPU. In terms of Graphic Processor units, the Xbox One features 12units while the PS4 features 18units and 10percent of the GPU of the Xbox one is being use for the Kinect unit which comes with the Xbox One while PS4 uses all of its GPU units. Also, there is a 50percent larger GPU on the PS4 than the Xbox one and that’s significant when gaming. RAM or memory for none gamers which is also vitally important when considering a console; however, they both come with 8GB Xbox One has DDR3 while Sony PS4 has GDDR5 and that’s a big difference. Physical appearance for both consoles wouldn’t usually be a huge deal breaker however, if your moving around a lot you might want to consider the PS4 simply because its smaller. Both…

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