Sony Playstation 3 Case Essay

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September the 26th 2012
Case Analysis: Sony Playstation 3

1. What, if anything, should Sony do to turn around the sales of the PS3? * Instead of focusing on one particular target segment (18 to 35 year-old male gamers with above average-education and high degree of comfort with new technology) further target segments should also be focused (e.g. women, children, occasional gamers and non-gamers). Some of the further customers require games which are easy to play because they have a low degree of comfort with new technologies. Furthermore some of them don’t want to invest a significant amount of their time to learn and play these games because of their busy lives. * Supply simpler games irrespective of age, gender or gaming
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However, Nintendo used another strategy for its new product * Competitive advantages of the PS3:
1. integrated Blu-ray Player; 2.better processing power; 3. ability to go online and surf in the Internet for free; 4. free online play; 5. ability to download pictures and videos; 6. ability to rip your music; 7. Long years of leadership in the gaming industry (with the PS2)

* Weaknesses of the PS3:
1. most expensive console (highest costs and highest prices); 2. Longer development cycles for PS3 titles than for Wii titles; 3. Fewer titles available/ less exclusive titles; 4. spotty support for PS2/ just a few backward compatible titles; 5. PS3 games look just the same as they do in Xbox360 despite higher prices for the PS3; 6. Uninspiring online capabilities;
7. Isolated vibration feature from the motion sensors

5. Compare the marketing

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