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Sony EyeToy
Monday, February 20, 2006

Jason Clagg Niles Frisbie Liz Lea Danny Williams

Introduction Sony EyeToy is changing the way video games are played. There was early success with Play, but this was quickly lost with the release of Groove. The main reasons for the problems lay in the marketing strategy. The first group came up with ideas that Sony can use to improve the EyeToy and its marketing. They dealt with the games, budgets, packaging, and advertisements that would benefit Sony. We feel that there are better options for Sony to take. For games, third parties should be allowed to create all the games. This will get more games on the market and will also free up funds, dedicated to game development, to be used elsewhere.
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This is great at expanding the demographics, but is unsuccessful in attracting hard core gamers. Another draw back on the mini games is that there is not much to them. The games take only a few minutes to play. After a few times playing, it can get a little boring. There is not a storyline to the games or a season to complete. The initial Play was good to let people experience the EyeToy. Mini games on normal games: A good idea is having mini games that are on the

feature games. An example is the newest Harry Potter game, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”. This game comes with mini EyeToy games built into it. These games give the gamer a new way to experience Harry Potter. By having mini EyeToy games on it, they are more likely to go out and buy the camera. This also creates hundreds of more games that can be used with the EyeToy. The money spent creating these games are left with the third parties. This gives SCEE more money to spend improving the cameras and coming up with a feature game that uses EyeToy instead of a regular controller. These games would also be targeted at the appropriate demographics. For those who love Harry Potter, the mini games would deal with that. Likewise Madden can have uses for EyeToy built into their next release. This would appeal to the people that play Madden. The idea was brought p of being able to use the EyeToy to customize the characters in games. This would enable gamers to place themselves into Madden

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