Sons Of Liberty's Role In The American Revolution

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A rebellion against England some would have said or a fierce competitor and strong believer in equality the sons of liberty was an organization of many secrets that played a major role in the American Revolution. Dated back to 1765 in Boston and New York the Sons of Liberty are the brains behind the Boston Tea Party and the nullifying of the Stamp Act. I chose the Sons of liberty as my topic because of their contribute and dedication for the cause. From tarring and feather England representatives to creating the Declaration of Independence.
The Sons of Liberty’s objective when first created was not to become independent from Britain. When the colonies were first being created it wasn’t real hard for Brits to find people to send there because of crisis of no land available. Britain had also sent many indentured servants which was a contract that would pay for the ride there and would provide a
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Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Etc. Where all believers in the separation of Great Britain and the colonies theses individuals where known as patriots. Many people saw no reason to part away from the British Government they were called loyalist such as Lord Dunmore and Jonathan Boucher. Dunmore was governor of Virginia who attacked the homes and plantations of Patriots, and “Dunmore began enlisting any man who was free and willing to serve, a practice that led him to recruiting blacks of uncertain origins.” (Misty Cromwell) However, this revolt didn’t go on for long as he didn’t have significant amount of men to out number the patriots. As Samuel Adams got more followers and Britain getting more dominate he knew something had to be done; Resulting in The Boston Tea

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