Racial Stereotypes In Cathedral

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Over the length of this course, we have been introduced to many stories, each with a unique perspective on the abnormal, or maybe even normal aspects of life. Each individual assignment lead us to think deeply about specific scenarios, and possibly question how we view society as a whole in the present day. The first assignment we had to read was a piece called “Cathedral.” The beginning of the story shows the brutal truth about negative stereotypes. The main character is very skeptical about meeting a “helpless” blind man, and says nasty things before he even meets him. Although many people probably won’t admit to being guilty of stereotyping, it is most usually done exceptionally often. Society has become a large scale judgment booth, and …show more content…
Racist stereotypes are used to describe each of the two main characters, and makes it nearly impossible to decide whether it is Roberta or Twyla that is white or black. Based on the types of slang we hear as growing teenagers, we start to believe certain things, even if they are not necessarily true. Each student in our class had a different reason as to why it was Roberta who was black and Twyla who was white, and vice versa, just proving that people will definitely pick out information and believe what they hear. Racism has grown to be a huge problem, but especially when it comes to the cases involving the police, recently starting the #BlackLivesMatter campaign. This campaign has become a major trend in 2015/16 because of things like social media, and the new presidential candidates even. Racism is a bigger topic now than it has been before, and this story just represents …show more content…
Our final short story, “Short Eyes,” was actually my favorite read of the class. It explored an area of literature that is not commonly seen in a normal curriculum. The setting is unique, as it takes place in a prison, with heavy incorporation of the ways of jail culture. Role reversal is perceived as impossible, but we are proved wrong reading this story. Everyone’s view of reality seems different, and it’s hard to tell what is true or not with the heavy faults of the dirty prison guards. In the end, each of the reads describe the problems that have carried on into the modern day, and although they seem unrealistic, they are heavy topics of discussion due to the denial of

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