Sonny 's Blues : The Story Of Two Brothers Essay

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Sonny’s blues narrates the story of two brothers; the one that decided to go in the good way and have a relatively normal life, and the one that tilted to the dark side. Sonny was the younger of the two. The things were not going the right way in his life. He was arrested for used and possession of Heroin and he had obviously chose the wrong path. His brother was all the opposite to him. He joined the army, after finishing his service he became a professor, and had a beautiful family.
When Sonny got out of the jail his brother received him in his house and tried to give him all his support. Throughout the story, it is noticeable that Sonny’s relationship with his father was not the best, but since their parents were already death, the big brother was trying to do what they had done if they were alive. He used to motivate his young brother telling him things like “you got to finish school. I know how you feel, but if you don 't finish school now, you 're going to be sorry later that you didn’t. “This words sound like something a mother would say, and this is definitely the role the older brother was trying to take. Under his point of view Sonny needed guidance and support because what he was going through was not easy.
In addition to that, when we think about the reasons why this man was trying to help his brother to get out the dark side and show full support to Sonny we must highlight his mother expectations of him. Before she died, he had a conversation…

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