Sonny Liston Analysis

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I considered which story needed revision most. My first submission earned ninety-seven points, while the latter one got less. Ideas flowed for making it better.
The other composition I submitted was abstract in its plot. I experimented with second-person through placing readers in the shoes of a ranked heavyweight who has gotten placed into a time machine and transported to an unspecified period in history to fight someone they think is Sonny Liston. There wasn’t a true setting apart from the time machine and the ring, but I didn’t explore them in the most thorough way, devoting more space to giving a history lesson on the things making Liston such a feared fighter and unappreciated champion. In the other story, a story on former world heavyweight champion James ‘Buster’ Douglas and how he was living in luxury after his retirement from boxing, I had a cohesive foundation with which to work, a real coherent place where he’s headquartered and
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The ‘history lesson’ is still there in the first two or three pages, but I strived for approaching it in a less autobiographical way (though the part where I compared Douglas’s upset to two other historic upsets may have fallen short in such a regard). I wanted to, as Cliff put it in critiquing the Liston story, “[display] what a good punch does to the fans” (Colpitts). Realizing what few characters the earlier story had, I tried to liven things up by adding people he knew from boxing and the folks he knew who had few ties to the

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