Essay on Sonic Marketing Plan

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Chapter 17, 18. And 19 Group Exercise

Group 1

Laramie Cook

Rodrick Ingram

Candace Pinkney

Konstance Sheffield

MKT 6661 XTIA – Strategic Marketing Management

Chapter 17

1. What communications objectives are appropriate for Sonic’s initial campaign?

Brand Awareness – As discussed in the text, brand awareness provides a foundation for brand equity. Consumers are more likely to recognize a package than to recall a brand name. Chapter 12 discussed ways in which Sonic can use packaging and labeling to support its brand image. Sonic will use red for energy and power, orange for fun and value, blue for productivity, brown for a sense of masculinity, and black to work as an accent for the other colors. The idea
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We believe Sonic’s product would be a great fit for a sporting event in the US. Sonic primarily intends to target corporate America with their new Sonic 1000 PDA. Therefore, Sonic should pursue a sponsorship event with the Professional Golf Association (PGA). Golf appeals to a well-educated and high-end demographic, but the sport also reaches a wider audience. Research found that 19 percent of Americans attended, listened to or watched on television a P.G.A. event in a 12-month period between 2011 and 2012. Broadcasts of tournaments and other PGA events, according to the PGA Tour, reach 715 million households worldwide, which will give Sonic a broad television exposure (, 2012). A large number of corporations have involvement with the PGA, such as Aflac, FedEx, Coca Cola, and Southern Company. Golf tournaments are held once a year and provide great opportunities to introduce new products through the charity events and Pro-Am events involve in a golf tournaments sponsorship. A golf tournament would allow a week of exposure to a large and growing golf audience and would fit with the values Sonic as a company. Sonic could have multiple commercials to air during the event, booths set up for fan to try out new products and offer golf contest for prizes at the event, and give charitable contributions back to the local community through money raise from the event to bring great exposure to new products.

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