Essay on Sonia Sanchez : An African American Woman

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When someone well respected that was of the group - least likely to be respected how do people react ? When someones making a change by doing the simple things she loves , how do people react ? When an African american woman from Birmingham , Al starts paving ways and changing a close-minded society who doesn’t value her “kind” , through her writing how do you react? Would you show respect? Sonia Sanchez , An African American woman , who paved new ways , who inspired billions of african americans to stand up , to love themselves , and to always strive for more when given less. Through her extraordinary books , poems and plays , Sonia Sanchez not only changed how african americans view themselves but how soon the world would see them. Born September 9th 1934 in Birmingham , AL was Wilsonia Benita Driver soon to be Sonia Sanchez. Sonia’s mother passed away when she was just a baby therefore her and her sister had to move in with their grandmother , who soon passed away leaving Sonia and her sister to live with their dad in Harlem, NY. Living in Harlem with her dad sparked sonia’s passion for writing , being that she lived in a “cramped dwelling and felt constricted and isolated” ( As a child sonia strongly disliked the ways in which people were treated. Although she was a “shy and introspective child who stuttered”(Encyclopedia) , Sonia found a way to release that disliking and her past into her writing. Sonia’s educational life was very broad in a…

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